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NEW transfer GPX data straight to a Garmin GPS device from this site.

What does this site do?

This site can generate GPX files to be used with a GPS device. To get started simply enter a location in the text box above and click find. If more than one location matches what you have typed in, you will be presented with a list of locations. Click on the correct location from the list and you will go to the map page showing your location. Click on the map to draw a route and then click the create GPX tab when you are done. The GPX file can then be downloaded from this page.

What parts of the world are covered?

GPX files can only be generated for locations in the UK. This is because the map you draw your route on relies on data from the UK Ordinance Survey.

What is a GPX file?

A GPX file describes a route which can be uploaded to many makes of GPS devices. These routes can then make navigation easier when using your GPS device for a number of activities like walking, running or mountain biking.

Can I edit GPX files I have already created?

Yes you can edit GPX files you have already created. Simply click on the upload GPX tab to upload your GPX file. You can then edit the route on the map page.

GPX file:

Route Information
Altitude Chart
Need more points to load chart.
Height Gain: 0m
Height Loss: 0m
Num of Points: 0

Click on route to move points

Name Author

NEW if you have a Garmin GPS device you can install the Garmin communicator plugin to transfer GPX data straight to a Garmin GPS from this site.

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This site was created to help create GPX files for use with GPS devices using the services provided by the sites below.

Ordnance Survey OpenSpace map api
Altitude data from GeoNames
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